Filling Spaces

We can use many things to fill space, people, objects or prized possessions, but the downside to all of these; is that they are only temporary. They can only satisfy for a moment.

However, there is one that is capable and willing to dwell in the most empty spaces of us all. He is able to reveal and heal, He is able to sustain and maintain sown that we can be the best that He has intended for us to be. 

This man that I speak of, is Jesus the Christ, the “Anointed One”. The only one appointed by God himself to set the captives free. 

 Any void, emptiness, loneliness that you may feel can be healed by Him.

With Him in our lives we are never alone and He is indeed, our refuge and strong tower. When we run into Jesus saving arms we can find rest, restoration and reassurance that we are His and we are loved. 

The Psalmist David is a witness to the faithfulness and dependability of the Lord

In Psalm 28:8 David testifies to this truth:

“The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped.”

We pray that on this day you will seek the Lord and His amazing love. Be filled with the Living Water and never be empty again!

Jesus never sleeps nor slumbers, He is always available so call him today at (Lord here I am in need of a savior for I am incapable of saving myself. You are Lord and the only one that saves. I ask that you will forgive me for all I have placed before you, forgive my sin and fill my heart that I will never be empty again

Press in Jesus name I pray. 

Then wait to see the goodness of the Lord work in your heart and live a wholesome life with Jesus as Lord! 

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