John 19:17

17Jesus taken to the place of the Skull (in Aramaic called Golgotha) to be crucified for claiming to be the Son of Man

Jesus showed His love for man despite their impurities, in this I find no charge.

Jesus submitted His life to completing the will of His Heavenly Father, in this I find no charge.

Jesus was willing to be persecuted, beaten, talked about, mistreated, all for the sinner man, in this I find no charge.

My life lived apart from Christ Jesus, charge found,

My life following the lust of my flesh, charge found,

My life lived disregarding the finished work that Christ Jesus completed for me, charge found.

Christ Jesus has done what no other could ever do, He paid a price that no one could ever afford, no not one. Christ Jesus gave Himself as a ransom for a lost soul like me to be saved, set free, healed and delivered. He is the very bridge that has reunited me to my Holy and Righteous God. It is through the blood of Jesus and His sacrifice, that I and those that choose to believe in Him, are received as Righteous, Upright, a Child of God, Redeemed, Beautiful and Chosen. Ephesians 1:4 “For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy blameless in His sight.” It is through Christ Jesus that we are sealed, have salvation and the promised Holy Spirit. In Christ Jesus we are created new, sanctified and set-apart for His will and purpose.

So, if anyone should have been found guilty it should have been me. If anyone should have been crucified because of sin, it should have been me. Thanks be to the Lord of my salvation. Thanks be to God for sending His son to display His love for me. Thanks be to Jesus for living as the light, pure, Holy, Righteous and perfect without blame. Thanks be for Christ Jesus hanging on the cross to bear my sin and yours. Thanks be to God for rising on the 3rd day with all POWER and AUTHORITY in His hand. Thanks be to Jesus for being the truth, the way and the life. Thanks be to Jesus for Eternal Life!

A charge Jesus took for you and I all because His love was and is greater, stronger and powerful to conqueror and withstand all things, that we may be ALIVE in Him!

To read about Jesus Christ’s accusations, crucifixion and resurrection, read John chapters 19-21.

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