Walking Freely

SUP With Me: Words of Inspiration

Psalm 119: 44-45 (CSB)

44 I will always obey your instruction, forever and ever.

45 I will walk freely in an open place because I study your precepts.

Our ability to walk freely in an open place, as stated in Psalm 119:45, is solely dependent upon our obedience to God. Our faith in God’s word impacts how we choose to live. The only way that your faith in God grows is through hearing, reading and understanding His word. Therefore, we must be intentional in seeking God for His wisdom, knowledge and understanding. When we remain in pursuit of God’s word, we are able to protect it and hide it in our hearts that we may continuously follow His precepts.

The more that we understand who God is and His desires for our lives, the easier it becomes to submit ourselves to His will and divine direction. We will begin to meditate on His desires and implement His plan in our daily lives, empowering us with the ability to walk freely; honoring God every step of the way.  

Walking Freely

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