A Prayer to Our Creator

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A Prayer to Our Creator


Lord God, we humbly approach your throne, thanking you for who you are and all that you have set in place in this world and in our lives. We thank you for your order and your will that has been established from the beginning of time. Lord everything that we see, that we do, and that we have knowledge of is because of you. You are the creator of all things. Lord, help us and strengthen us to accept your perfect will for our lives. You know all things and there is nothing that could be without you.  

Lord, we acknowledge that your plan is the best resolution for our being. Let us not lean to our own understanding, feelings, or emotions to determine what our lives should be. Let us remember that you have promised us abundant living and great success but we cannot have this without you. Even those who have obtained it on their own, we know it is vanity. Lord there is more in store for us as believers in you, for you have promised us the gift of eternal life. So let our hearts be filled by you, Holy Spirit, and your word, that we can accept the truth of who you are and the truth of what you have seen for our lives. 

Let us walk in faith, for you have seen the end state and you are a God that cannot lie. Your word does not return void, so let us be encouraged and rest in this finding. Let us find comfort and peace in knowing that despite what we may go through, you still have a prosperous life for us ahead. Let us not be influenced by the ways of this world or by man who has denied you.  

Lord, position us where you desire, that we may share your good news and use us as willing vessels to fulfill your heavenly will. We know you don’t need us but we believe that you are willing to equip each of us to reach your people. Let us take your charge seriously and do all that we can to fulfill the things that you place on our hearts. 

Lord, as long as we live let us continually give you praise, honor and glory. Whether we sleep, eat, the way we talk or walk let us do it all for your glory. Lord there are things we don’t know and things we may have forgotten but we know you know all, and we leave all in your hands. We thank you; we love you and give you all glory honor and praise and seal this prayer in Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Glory Givers SUP With Me: Words of Inspiration

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