The Lord Will Go Before You

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Joshua 2:8-10

And before they were laid down, she came up unto them upon the roof;

9 And she said unto the men, I know that the Lord hath given you the land, and that your terror is fallen upon us, and that all the inhabitants of the land faint because of you.

10 For we have heard how the Lord dried up the water of the Red sea for you, when ye came out of Egypt; and what ye did unto the two kings of the Amorites, that were on the other side Jordan, Sihon and Og, whom ye utterly destroyed.

Joshua sent two spies to the land of Jericho after he was appointed to lead the people of Israel to the promised land. The two spies came upon the house of Rahab, who was known as a prostitute. Rahab helped the men, took them in, and hid them from the king of Jericho. After deterring the king’s men, Rahab approached the men and expressed to them that she and the people of Jericho knew that the Lord had given them the land and of the miracles he performed in favor of them on their journey thus far.

The Lord will go before us in situations to prepare the scene, as well as put people or things in place to ensure that His promise and will comes to past. The people of Jericho already were aware that the Israelites were coming to take over the land that the Lord had promised them. The Lord used Rahab to inform the men that their victory was already secured. The two men returned to Joshua and disclosed to him the words of Rahab. They left the next morning for Jericho with all confidence due to the words that were spoken by an ally (Rahab) that God had provided them. We all know how the story of Jericho ends with the walls falling; Joshua and his troops capturing the city. Also, Rahab and her family were the only people spared in the city due to her choice to act on and follow the path that God ordained for her to facilitate His will being done.

Be confident when you know you are following God’s will and path. He won’t leave you to travel it alone, He will be there every step of the way! There is a protection that comes with serving the Lord and living of His will, as He will always prevail!

Follow God’s Path

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