The Reflection

Glory Givers

SUP With Me: Words of Inspiration

The Reflection

The Lord is worthy of our gratitude, hearts of praise, and worship,

The Lord has been our protection and brought us through many hardships,

The Lord remains a strong tower and a refuge to the weak and those seeking safety.


Who Has given Himself while yet seeing the unfaithfulness at hand,

Who Has given Himself despite knowing all would not receive Him as their own,

There is no one like the Lord.


I pray that we will acknowledge our moments of dissatisfaction, ungratefulness, and murmuring,

 I pray that from this reflection our hearts will be filled with repentance,

I pray that from this moment we will not waste another day to rejoice and give praise to our Lord, even in the tough times, for He still has been faithful,

I pray that we will be content in whatever season we may find ourselves in,

I pray that our faith will not be weakened, but that it grows in the truth of our Lord Jesus,

I pray that the Lord will reveal Himself to those that desire to see,

I pray that wisdom, knowledge, and understanding will be gained and the abundance of life in Jesus will manifest.


I pray that as we live out each day, that we will not give up and keep the faith,

I pray that we will show grace and forgive, for we too have been forgiven,

I pray that we will love without restraint,

I pray that we will laugh, dance, and exude the joy of the Lord in our hearts!


Reflect and never miss the moments, they help us to grow and become stronger in who and whose we are!

Be Blessed with great Love,

Glory Givers

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